Dutchie Dirt-Moving has experience in constructing dugouts, feedlot renovations, and commercial jobs. We also have a full line of excavation equipment that can be used for demolition, trenching, piping, and drainage.


We are capable of constructing dugouts from 1 million gallons to 10 million gallons. Over the years we have worked closely with the environmental authorities to make sure that lagoon liners meet the proper compaction and specs- whether with clay liners or synthetic liners.

Feedlot Renovation

We work closely with feedlot operations aiming to meet their needs for future expansion, renovations or remodelling. Our experienced crew has been involved in constructing many feedlot designs from the ground up or working on improving an existing operation.


We have been involved in a number of commercial projects including reshaping golf courses, dirt work for new soccer fields, and building site prep for various subdivisions in the County of Lethbridge.

Other Excavation

Our expertise in field drainage has helped many of our customers maximize their land base to its’ fullest potential.



Dutchie Dirt Moving also has its own gravel pit supported by equipment to meet all sand and gravel needs. This provides our customers improved service when earth moving and gravel come together. The gravel pit is conveniently located on Hiway 845. Delivery of product is available.

Custom Crushing Operation and Gravel Sales

Our gravel crushing equipment is capable of crushing up to 300 MT of gravel per hour depending on the type of gravel being crushed. Gravel is available from ¾”, 1 ½” road crush, 3” road base, pit run, armour (lining for dugouts), clay, fill dirt, screened gravel and landscape rock.

Manure Hauling

H&H Pen Cleaning Services offers a variety of truck sizes to meet all of our customers needs when it comes to pen cleaning. With a number of tandem trucks, tri-dem trucks with vertical beaters for compost spreading and tri-axle trailers ideal for the long hauls- H&H Pen Cleaning Services has what you need to get the job done. For loading, we offer wheel loaders with a scale for weighing and also excavators. A grader is also available once the job is done to give the roads a smooth finsh.