Welcome to Dutchie Dirt Moving.

Dutchie Dirt Moving Ltd. has been in business since 2001, serving the County of Lethbridge in southern Alberta. With a full line of excavation equipment and our own gravel pit, Dutchie has proven its capabilities to meet the challenge of any earth moving needs.

We pride ourself in providing quality work, in an honest fashion, at competitive prices, while maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction. Clear, understandable discussions about the work performance by Dutchie Dirt Moving are our forte. Our goal is to ensure the customer is offered a service that will work within their needs, desire, and budget.

Excavation and Gravel

Dutchie Dirt Moving has constructed lagoons and dugouts, building pads for barns, shops, and feedlots, contoured and leveled land for field drainage and put in drainage ditches, placed pipelines and provided demolition services. Dutchie Dirt-Moving also has its own gravel pit supported by equipment to meet all sand and gravel needs.

Manure Hauling

Dutchie Dirt Moving has also expanded into¬†corral cleaning and manure hauling. The company’s name is Treadstone Machinery Ltd. operating as H&H Pen Cleaning Services. It has a full line of manure hauling trucks and manure equipment including tandem trucks, tri-dem trucks with vertical beaters and long boxes that are capable of hauling 26 MT. The trucks can be loaded with either loaders or excavators.